The new Micronational Forums site has rebranded into a social media site titled "MicroMedia"

The change came earlier today, January 7th 2021, as rebranding attempts will be coming forward to push for a bigger audience, namely the MicroWiki community.

MicroMedia is a website created by Charles Madgett. It was initially created back in December 2020 with the purpose of being the home page of the delayed and unreleased BrowserMN, however it released later in January 2021 as it's own site for unrelated reasons. It has multiple features such as being used as a forum to exchange micronational ideas, profiles, following, private messages, posting questions, polls, and more. You can receive badges based on your type of micronational journey perse and users can be verified based on a set of guidelines.

Users can create groups, which can be private, secret, or public. Public groups let anyone join and see. Private groups are submission only, meaning you must request to join. Secret groups are invite only, and only members can view their posts (besides admins and mods). There are many separate types of posts, such as a regular post, article, discussion, or question. Discussions can be used as thread starters, while articles must be posted with the #news tag. Questions can be used as polls or short answer questions.

Only 3 users have received a verification badge, being @Charles Madgett, @Christoph Billung , and @Anthony Ramirez.


Update: @Vincent Wilhelm von Ironside now also has the verification badge.